Exhibition run

28th March – 16th September 2012 

Exhibition book

The exhibition is documented by a richly illustrated catalogue (Hirmer-Verlag Munich, 320 pages, ca. 240 illustrations, 39.90 Euro in bookstores).


Downloads (in German)

Flyer zur Ausstellung (PDF)

Rahmenprogramm (PDF) 

Alongside Rudolf-August Oetker’s collection, the Bavarian National Museum, in co-operation with the Bavarian Association for Arts and Crafts (Bayerischer Kunstgewerbeverein e.V.), will be showing:

The Silver Beaker: Variations on a Drinking Vessel from the Renaissance to the Present.

This exhibition presents historical silver beakers from the collection of the Bavarian National Museum together with drinking vessels by contemporary silversmiths. Drawing an arc from the past to the present, this exhibition will open the eyes of visitors to artistic ideas, form and its development, proportion and functionality, as well as to the techniques employed in working precious metals.

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