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20200520 making off Gittertuer Beuing

We proudly present our favourite videos. Our channel features the entire spectrum our house has to offer. This includes short tours through our special exhibitions, presentations of special events and unexpected insights into selected objects.

German giuded tour: Special exhibition "Kunst & Kapitalverbrechen"

"Reality and fantasy"

German giuded tour: Special exhibition "Kunst & Kapitalverbrechen"

Veit Stoß - The Candidat for death

German giuded tour: Happy Birthday Prince Regent Luitpold

Prince Regent Luitpold and the Bayerisches Nationalmuseum

The grand orrery of George Adams

The grand orrery was made by George Adams (1709–1772) in London between 1748 and 1757. The Elector Palatine Charles Theodore acquired the orrery around 1758 for the court library of his palace in Mannheim. The piece came to Munich in about 1802/03 and has today its place in the Bayerisches Nationalmuseum. The video shows the results of a restoration in 2019 which returned the orrery as much as possible to its original appearance.