Branch museums

The Bayerisches Nationalmuseum throughout the State of Bavaria

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The Bayerisches Nationalmuseum has nine branch museums located in various sites throughout Bavaria. The first of these branch museums was established in 1971. Since then, they have served the State’s cultural policy objective of presenting its art holdings in all corners of Bavaria. These sites with their respective historical edifices provide a unique backdrop for the themed exhibitions relating to the art and cultural history of Bavaria.


Aussenansicht Altes Schloss Schleissheim

Altes Schloss Schleißheim

Old Palace Schleißheim

Kinder auf dem Weg ins Schulmuseum copyright Rico Grund

Bayerisches Schulmuseum Ichenhausen

Fränkische Galerie außen

Fränkische Galerie Kronach

Franconian Gallery

Regensburg Eingangsfoto

Fürstliche Schatzkammer Thurn und Taxis Regensburg

Princely Treasury of Thurn and Taxis

Saal der Naturalia Kunst und Wunderkammer Foto Jens Weber

Kunst- und Wunderkammer Burg Trausnitz in Landshut

Chamber of Art and Curiosities

0 Lustheim Aussenansicht

Schloss Lustheim

Lustheim Palace at Oberschleißheim

Schloss Obernzell Wolfgang Hartwig 2020 Copyright Kulturreferat Landkreis Passau

Schloss Obernzell

Obernzell Castle