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Bayerisches Nationalmuseum Riemenschneidersaal

The Bayerisches Nationalmuseum belongs to the largest museums in Germany. The historical core of the museum’s collections is made up of the artworks assembled by the house of Wittelsbach, which reflects the dynasty's European-wide relations. Since its foundation, the collections have continuously been and are until today expanded through donations, endowments and spectacular acquisitions.
Spanning the various epochs from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance, Baroque, Rococo and Art Nouveau, the collections feature masterpieces of European art, including sculptures, paintings, goldsmiths´ works and ivory carvings. In addition to porcelains, costumes, furniture, weapons, musical instruments and other genres, the collections also include remarkable testimonies to everyday culture. The collection of nativity scenes is world-famous, with outstanding ensembles from the 17th to the 20th century.

Top 12

Art periods-Highlights


Sammlung Bildhauerkunst D168377


Sammlung Glaube und Glauben D91143

Religion and faith

Sammlung Goldschmiedekunst D59207

Goldsmith's art

Titel Guache Weller Blumenstrauss


Sammlung Interieur D118856


Sammlung Keramik D124637


Sammlung Krippe 108 D130259

Nativity scenes

Sammlung Malerei D84753


Sammlung Mode D93594

Fashion and accessories

Sammlung Moebel D111393


Sammlung Musikinstrumente D155689

Musical Instruments

Sammlung Porzellan D167236


Sammlung Recht D169055

Justice and punishment

Sammlung Spiele D27478

Games and toys

Sammlung Textilien Tapisserie D33658


Sammlung wissenschaftliche Instrumente D123479

Clocks and scientific instruments

Waffensaal Bayerisches Nationalmuseum

Arms and armour

Sammlung Zunft und Handwerk D58694

Guilds and crafts