until 06/03/2022

Drinking Schnapps

In style. For fun. As a drug.

In the Middle Ages, spirts were initially administered in small doses as remedies; however, from the 16th century onwards, high-percentage alcohol increasingly developed into a stimulant and thus also an integral part of convivial occasions.
Different vessels were available for brandy and liqueur: simple glass bottles and sturdy shot glasses were common in taverns. Trick vessels such as bears, dogs, pigs or even erotic shapes contributed to the amusement of the high society and guaranteed entertaining conversation at the table. Due to their unusual design, navel bottles still attract attention today and are continue to be true gems.

The studio exhibition "Drinking Schnapps" presents almost 60 exceptionally designed, aesthetic, enigmatic and original vessels from the 17th century to the present day, which arouse curiosity to learn more about drinking spirits as a cultural practice.

This exhibition is sponsored by Original Bad Kötztinger Bärwurzquelle

Schnapstrinken Branntweinflasche D172280
Schnapshund D172429

It is a custom from time immemorial:
Those who have worries also have liqueur!

Wilhelm Busch (1832–1908), Die Fromme Helene


Schnapstrinken Nabelflasche D173606

Navel Bottle

Southern Germany or Tyrol

Schnapshund D172429

Glass bottle in the shape of a dog

so-called "Schnapshund"

Spirituosengarnitur D172080

Giqueur garnish

Southern Germnay or Bohemia