Cabinet of the Elector Maximilian I. of Bavaria


Melchior Baumgartner

Augsburg, 1646

Spruce, oak, ivory, lapis lazuli, copper, gilded

H. 124 cm

Assigned from the Royal Collections of the House of Wittelsbach before 1868

Inv. No. R 2096

Gallery 32

Ivory, Furniture

Baroque and Rococo


Symbolising the white and blue heraldic colours of Bavaria, ivory and lapis lazuli - the most precious materials imaginable - were used for the cabinet's palatial interior front to demonstrate its utmost representational significance. What Elector Maximilian I used it for is unknown. It was common to store small art objects, luxury items, scientific instruments, nature's curiosities or simply writing utensils in such cabinets. One detail remains hidden for the visitor: the signature of the Augsburg cabinetmaker Melchior Baumgartner on the base under the ivory veneer.

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