Centrepiece from the silver service of the Prince-Bishop of Hildesheim, Friedrich Wilhelm of Westphalia


Bernhard Heinrich Weyhe

Augsburg, c. 1761/1763

Silver, partly gilded, glass

H. 72.5 cm

From the collection of the House of Hanover. Acquired from the art trade in 1981. Restored with the support of the Bauer'sche Barockstiftung

Inv. No. 81/216, 81/235.1-2, 81/236.1-2, 81/237.1-2, 81/238.1-2, 81/248.1-2, 81/251.1-2

Gallery 91


Baroque and Rococo


This delicate silver Rococo centrepiece showing a pavilion with the group of musicians around a harpsichordist once adorned the table of Hildesheim's Prince-Bishop Friedrich Wilhelm of Westphalia. The centrally placed precious surtout de table was used to hold spice vessels and exotic fruits. It is part of the extensive service that the Prince-Bishop ordered in Augsburg, the leading centre of goldsmiths in Europe at the time, when he took office in 1763. A total of 19 goldsmiths were involved in its completion. Our ensemble is the only completely preserved silver dinner service from Augsburg with over 600 individual pieces. At the same time, it is a unique masterpiece of southern German Rococo.

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