Sigmund Count of Haimhausen


Franz Anton Bustelli, Dominikus Auliczek

Nymphenburg Porcelain Factory, c. 1763

Hard-paste porcelain

H. 45 cm

Assigned from the Royal General Authority of Mines, Smelteries and Salt Pits, Munich, in 1908

Inv. No. Ker 4369

Gallery 95

Sculpture, Ceramics, Porcelain

Baroque and Rococo


Nearly life-size, this porcelain bust is an intimate portrait of Count Sigmund von Haimhausen (1708-1793). He was the founding president of the Bavarian Academy of Sciences, chief master of the mint, chief mining director and director of the Nymphenburg Porcelain Factory. After Elector Max III Joseph abandoned the unsuccessful enterprise, Haimhausen privately invested almost 10,000 guilders from his private fortune and was finally able to start production in 1754. He also hired the ingenious modeller Franz Anton Bustelli. With the bust of his patron, Bustelli created a true masterpiece that gives an immediate sense of the sitter's energetic vigour. It is considered the pinnacle of portrait sculpture in porcelain during the Rococo period.

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