Satyr´s head with antlers


Christof Angermair

Munich, between 1624 and 1627

Ivory, stag antlers, steel, wood

H. 47.1 cm

From the Chamber-Gallery of the Elector Maximilian I. of Bavaria in the Munich Residence. Assigned from the Oberstjägermeisteramt in 1865

Inv. No. R 4707.1-2

Gallery 85

Sculpture, Ivory

Baroque and Rococo


This expressive satyr mask with attached irregular stag antlers is part of an ensemble created by the court sculptor Christof Angermair for Elector Maximilian I. The ensemble consisted of a chandelier with a satyr's head and what was previously a set of four satyr masks. The works each show individually designed heads of this hybrid creature from classical mythology. No other European court possessed comparable ivory objects wherein the carved satyrs were combined with the abnormally grown antlers, which were considered a wonder of nature. The depiction of the demonically wild satyr unites nature and art in a manner typical of the late Renaissance.

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