Heart-shaped hat-agraffe of the Count Palatine Otto Heinrich


Probably Augsburg, last quarter 16th century

Gold, enamel, rubies, diamonds

H. 5.1 cm

From the burial place of the Counts Palatine of Neuburg in the parish church of St Martin in Lauingen on the Danube. Assigned from the Royal Coin Cabinet in 1862

Inv. No. T 4177

Gallery 30

Goldsmithing, Fashion and Accessories



The heart-shaped hat agraffe belongs to the singular ensemble consisting of 135 pieces of Renaissance jewellery from the 16th and early 17th centuries. These high-quality golden valuables come from the princely crypt of the city parish church of St Martin in Lauingen near Dillingen, where the Protestant members of the House of Palatinate-Neuburg found their final resting place. In 1781, Elector Karl Theodor had the tomb opened for the first time and removed the jewellery with which the deceased had been buried in manner befitting their status. The hat agraffe was recovered from the coffin of Count Palatine Otto Heinrich. In the centre of the heart-shaped jewel are the ruby initials 'DM' of his consort Dorothea Maria.

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