Monstrance featuring the tree of Jesse


Franz Keßler

Munich, 1686

Silver, partly gilded, glass and semi-precious stones

H. 106 cm

From the collection of the Countess Bray-Steinburg. Gift of the Bayerischer Verein der Kunstfreunde (Museumsverein) in 1914. Restored with the support of the Bauer'sche Barockstiftung

Inv. No. 14/135

Gallery 93


Baroque and Rococo


This monumental monstrance is one of the greatest masterpieces of Baroque silversmithing in Munich. Franz Kessler, goldsmith at the court of the Bavarian Elector Ferdinand Maria, executed the theme of the "Root of Jesse" in an unusual form and outstanding sculptural quality. Reposing at the foot of the monstrance is the biblical progenitor Isaiah (Jesse). A sturdy vine with tendrils growing out of him encloses the ostensory. A statuette of the Virgin Mary in a halo can be seen above. Crowning the monstrance is Jesus on the cross, who rises above God the Father and the Holy Spirit as a dove. The family tree of Christ's ancestors is here both a tree of life and a vine, referring to the celebration of the Last Supper.

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