Men’s coat (Habit habillé)


Germany, c. 1790/1800

Silk, linen

H. 112 cm

Acquired from the art trade in 1986

Inv. No. 86/52.1

Gallery 87

Fashion and Accessories, Textiles

Baroque and Rococo


During the 18th century, people throughout Europe liked to dress according to French fashion and also preferred using French terms. Richly embroidered men's suits of silk fabric were called habit habillés. The suit consisted of a waistcoat, gilet and breeches and was worn as festive court dress as well as on official occasions. Not only the ladies, but also the gentlemen loved the elaborate and colourful flower patterns on their garments. Especially in the 1780s and 1790s, bold colours and contrasting colour combinations were all the rage. Also, the figure-hugging cut, the small tight cuffs and the stand-up collar suggest that the coat was created around this time.

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