The Flagellation of Christ


Georg Petel

Augsburg, c. 1621/1624

Ivory, pearwood, copper, gilded

H. 68.8 cm

On permanent loan from the Church Rectory of St Michael, Munich

Inv. No. L NN 1351

Gallery 40-41

Sculpture, Ivory

Baroque and Rococo


Two scenes from the Passion of Christ are drastically portrayed here: his flagellation and the robbing of his garment. Christ's pain, shame and fear of death are impressively conveyed in the depiction of his tormented figure. Both henchmen are beating Christ, the man on the left is also pulling at his hair, while the man on the right trying to tear off his robe. The contrast between the light ivory and the dark stained wood is immediately apparent, and represents the struggle between good and evil. Georg Petel's contemporaries already praised the virtuosity of the brilliant sculptor, who in the 18th century was lauded as the German Michelangelo.

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