Queen Elisabeth of Prussia


Christian Daniel Rauch

Berlin, 1841

Carrara marble

H. 34.2 cm

Acquired from the art trade with funds from the bequest by Harry Beyer, Munich, in 2013

Inv. No. 2013/149


Nineteenth Century


This marble relief shows Elisabeth Ludovika of Bavaria, who married the future King Frederick William IV of Prussia in 1823. Depicted in austere profile in the style of the Italian Renaissance, the queen is wearing an ermine-lined cloak and in her hand she is holding a lily of the valley. The flower may be an allusion to Elisabeth's devotion to Mary, as she had to convert to Protestantism in 1830. She became Queen of Prussia in 1840. Christian Daniel Rauch was one of the most celebrated sculptors in Germany in the first half of the 19th century. Other major works by the Prussian artist can also be found in Bavaria: The Dürer Monument in Nuremberg and the larger-than-life bronze monument of Elisabeth's father, King Max I Joseph, in front of the National Theatre in Munich.

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