Perfume set of the tsarina


Du Paquier Factory, Vienna, c. 1735

Hard-paste porcelain, gold, velvet, glass, iron, cork

H. 8,7 cm

Gift of the Freundeskreis des Bayerischen Nationalmuseums e.V. in 1994

Inv. No. 94/32.1-11

Gallery 95

Ceramics, Porcelain

Baroque and Rococo


The little porcelain box mounted in pure gold containing a perfume set is one of the most exquisite products of Viennese Du Paquier Porcelain Factory. It originally came from the Hermitage in Saint Petersburg and is said to have been a gift from the Habsburg Emperor Charles VI to Tsarina Anna Ivanovna, who was one of his main allies. The gift was certainly most welcome, for the Tsarina loved luxury. With the golden funnel in the glass flacon, she could compose her own perfume from the essences in the porcelain bottles. If needed, the bottle could be carried in the wide skirt pockets and used as a scent vial.

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