Figurative tile stove


Kröning, second half 19th century

Earthenware, glazed

H. 180 cm

Acquired with the support of the Münchener Rückversicherungs-Gesellschaft in 2000

Inv. No. 2000/234

Gallery 101-102


Nineteenth Century


In the 19th century, stoves in the form of standing and sitting life-size women and men became popular in rural areas of Bavaria, Austria and southwestern Germany. While fully functional, their primary purpose was not only to provide warmth in the parlour, they were actually meant to impress visitors and provide a topic for conversation. The potters of Kröning (an area south of Landshut) were actually specialized in the production of all kinds of tableware, which is why the pipe smoker made of green tiles should be considered a unique product or showpiece. It represents the only large sculpture from this specific region´s production, which was extraordinarily important for Old Bavaria and the neighbouring areas.

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