Nativity scene from the women´s convent of the Servite Order in Innsbruck


Innsbruck, c. 1750

Limewood, wax

H. 9–18 cm (figures)

Gift of the Councillor of Commerce Max Schmederer in 1898

Inv. No. Krippenposition 61

Gallery 137

Sculpture, Nativity Scenes

Baroque and Rococo


In the 18th century, nativity scenes were almost exclusively exhibited publicly in churches and convents. In this nativity scene by the Servite Order, a Catholic Order committed to poverty, both the narratives of the nativity story according to the Evangelist Luke as well as the Evangelist Matthew are combined in a staging by juxtaposing the adoration of the shepherds with the adoration of the kings. They thereby created a nativity scene that conveyed to the viewers that people of all social classes are united in faith. The Servites staged their nativity scene in a thoroughly original way. For example, one of the shepherds looks at the angels of the Annunciation through a telescope, and the entourage of one of the kings is dressed like French musketeers.

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