Pair of women’s shoes


England, c. 1710/1730

Silk, glacé leather, linen, wood

H. 14 cm

Acquired with the Williams Costume Collection in 1996

Inv. No. 96/368.1-2

Gallery 87

Fashion and Accessories, Textiles

Baroque and Rococo


These highly fashionable shoes in pink satin belonged to the well-known English Knatchbull family, who continue to be members of England's high nobility. Surely they were intended for a special occasion. Design and finest workmanship reveal that the shoes were made by a first-class shoemaker. The elongated pointed toe finds its counterpart in the shoe's tongue, which also points outwards to the side, while the generously curved heel is the epitome of Baroque elegance. Applied delicate braids form a black lattice on the light silk background. Such patterns were typical for English women's shoes of the 18th century.

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