Saint Joachim and Saint Anna


Ignaz Günther

Munich, c. 1765/1772

Limewood, polychromed

H. 179 and 173 cm

From the church St. Maximilian of the Hospital of the Merciful Brothers in Munich. Acquired with funds from the culture donation of the Bavarian industry in 1955

Inv. No. 55/168, 55/169

Gallery 42-43


Baroque and Rococo


Ignaz Günther executed four side altars and a pulpit for the church of the Hospital of the Merciful Brothers in Munich. The church was demolished at the beginning of the 19th century. The two statues of the Virgin Mary's parents formerly adorned one of the altar pieces. There Saint Anne once pointed towards the devotional image in the altar´s centre. The impression of animated movement is created by the complex contortion of the elongated bodies with their lively faces and mouths open as if to speak. No other contemporary sculptor surpassed Günther in the representation of intense emotion in which spirituality is taken to the highest level.

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