Two vases with portraits of King Ludwig I. and Queen Therese of Bavaria


Friedrich von Gärtner, Christian Adler, Joseph Haemmerl, Joseph Stieler

Nymphenburg Porcelain Factory, 1831

Hard-paste porcelain, bronze, gilded

H. 64 cm

Aquired from the art trade 1997 (Vase with the portrait of the Queen), on permanent loan from the Ernst von Siemens Kunststiftung, München (Vase with portrait of the king) since 1997

Inv. No. 97/186.1-2, L 97/187.1-2

Gallery 51

Ceramics, Painting, Porcelain

Nineteenth Century


These two vases form the dazzling highlight in the permanent collection dedicated to art during the reign of King Ludwig I of Bavaria. The monarch and his consort Therese are depicted on the front, copying the official state portraits by Joseph Stieler. With their classical vessel form, exceptionally fine painting and rich engraved gilding, they are masterpieces of the Empire style that Nymphenburg Porcelain Factory cultivated until the 1840s. In 1834, the two vases were selected as representative pieces for the first Industrial Exhibition held in Munich and were highly acclaimed by the critics.

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