Table clock with carillon


Benedikt F├╝rstenfelder, Johann Valentin Gevers

Friedberg, Augsburg and Munich, um 1715/1720

Oak and spruce, lacquered, partly gilded, silver, brass, iron

H. 196.5 cm

Assigned from the Royal Collections of the House of Wittelsbach in 1855

Inv. No. R 3792, R 3793

Gallery 34

Clocks and Scientific Instruments

Baroque and Rococo


This table clock is a significant work of the Baroque Chinese-style. The dragon as a crowning feature and the seated Chinese man on the table stretcher bear testimony to this. Executed in various techniques, the lacquer decoration is also reminiscent of Asian designs and compiles exotic motifs from European travelogues. The small-scale scenes can best be seen in situ. Conversely, the six minuets played by the carillon inside the clock are entirely European in character. The movement is the largest ever made by the clock-makers of Friedberg near Augsburg. The case and table were made in Munich.

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