Pallasch with scabbard


Johann Michael

Prague and Passau, c. 1610/1614

Steel, damascened, silver, partly gilded, enamel, almandines, topaz, amethyst

L. 100 cm

Assigned from the Royal Collections of the House of Wittelsbach

Inv. No. W 2526, W 2527

Gallery 31

Arms and Armour

Baroque and Rococo


Pallasch with sheath of Elector Maximilian I. Johann Michael (goldsmith). Prague (grip and sheath), Passau (blade), c. 1610/1614. Steel, damascened, silver, parcel-gilt, enamel, garnets, topaz, amethyst. A pallasch is a straight-bladed cavalry weapon for hacking and stabbing. This example, which has been studded with gemstones and decorated with enamel, was once part of a larger set of weapons. Maximilian I may have been given this pallasch by Emperor Rudolf II or his heir Matthias, both of whom resided in Prague.

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