Paper-Nativity scene


Wenzel Fieger

Trebitsch, Moravia, c. 1890

Paper, painted

H. 3–14 cm (figures)

Gift from private ownership in 1969

Inv. No. Krippenposition 62

Gallery 137

Nativity Scenes

Nineteenth Century


Moravian nativity scenes made of paper have their very own aesthetic: they are characterised by steep backdrops since the two-dimensional figures do not allow for a spatially deep composition. In addition, paper nativity scenes often are very large, such as this one with its 1,100 individual pieces. Two cows relieving themselves are also hidden in this nearly impenetrable picture puzzle. Figures with minor roles, also common in nativity scenes from other regions, were specifically created to attract the children's attention so they could learn about the sacred event.

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