Schloss Obernzell
94130 Markt Obernzell
Near to Passau
Telephone +49 (0)8591 10 66

Opening hours
Temporarily closed until December 12

Free entrance

Further information about Schloss Obernzell (in German)

Obernzell Ceramic Museum

Obernzell Ceramic Museum

The 1200 objects in the Keramikmuseum hou-sed in the former prince-episcopal Obernzell Palace near Passau, situated on the banks of the Danube, provide an insight into the history of pottery from neolithic times to the present day. The focus is on craft pottery, primarily from Lower Bavaria, which was the leading centre for the production of pots and jars in core Bavaria in the 18th and 19th centuries.


The museum also provides an overview of techniques, production processes and applica-tions, and extends right into the industrial age, with contemporary items.


Also on display is blackware from Obernzell, which was important across Europe and which was produced for hundreds of years, handmade faience from Dießen on Ammersee, stoneware from Bavaria, earthenware from Lower Bavaria, and Nymphenburg porcelain.

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